Strength of mind

As the weights feel heavier and our bodies slow the strongest asset we have is the strength of our mind.  

We have people counting on us, people who need us, mouths to feed, words to spread, wounds to heal… what is a little tired muscle have on us??


Our mind is stronger than we often give it credit for being.  It can adjust our mood, it can draw a silver lining on a cloud… it can make or break us.  When we forget the strength of our minds, we can fall short, stop before we need to and let ourselves live at status quo.

BUT… when we take it for all it’s worth and use the strength of our mind for all the limitless possibilities… watch out.  Here we come.

No fear

No stopping us

No longer letting ourselves hold us back

When you use the strength of your mind for positive movement, there is no one and nothing to stop you in reaching your goals. 

Go get it – TRUE Strength




The desire to move upward is deep rooted.  

UP is powerful.  

The power of up is a motivator, an influencer, a drive, and a burning desire.  How you utilize the power of UP is up to you and determines how successful you will become.  Up can be a higher being or a promotion, it can be a literal up-jumping to a new box level for us Crossfitters, or it can mean living a happier and fuller life.

I’ve witnessed people who chose to let the power of UP overwhelm them and instead it holds them down.  Perhaps the fear of not reaching the mark is paralyzing. I think this fear is a learned behavior.  I’ve witnessed the power of up through the most innocent of eyes… experiencing life and all challenges and adventures for the first time through my daughters’ eyes has been an amazing experience.  In their short ten months of life I have learned more and grown more than I ever dreamed.

They do not have fear.  They don’t know what failure is and I believe they can feel the power of up through their whole being.  

The notion of up has been a motivator of action for my daughters.  From a the time they could see far enough away they were fascinated by the ceiling fans… not just for their hypnotic motion but for the curiosity that went along with this object so far away… so far UP there.

Next came the desire to go up… be lifted… raised up…

At nine months old my daughter Nola looked at me and very distinctly said… Mama UP! While raising her hands.  I know – not ground breaking but powerful.  She knew where she wanted to go and knew “up” had power.  Now I see them exploring how far UP they can go as they learn to pull themselves up, stand up, and climb to new heights and adventures.

I’m trying to be conscious about not teaching too much fear in them.  Some fear is good as it’s a safety issue but I know I’ve shied away from adventures or even trying particular things because I’ve been afraid.  Afraid of not getting all the way UP.  OR afraid of not being a success once I got there.  I never want my girls to have this fear and I beg you to remember… UP is ever moving.

You CAN always go up.  And your definition of UP is always going to move which also means… why fear it?  Where do you want to go?

I want to go UP!